A Sustainable Development Initiative for the Northern Savannah Strategy and Work plan (2010 – 2030)

There is an increasing development gap between the Northern Savannah Ecological belt and the rest of the country. By all indications the North lags behind the South and the gap seems to be increasing. This gap is a critique of the status quo. At the same time, as a result of agricultural practices, the fragility of the soils and in increasing deforestation there is a tendency for weather changes to cause droughts and floods.
With global warning, these events can be expected to occur more frequently. The political leadership and development analyst in Ghana agree that bridging this gap is as critical national issue.

The Northern Savannah Development Initiative (now referred to as SADA) defines the parameters of a
major paradigm shift in stimulating economic growth and sustainable development in the belt. It provides a comprehensive regional strategy for accelerated development in the belt.