Contribution Of Tourism To Job Creation In The N/R

Tourism, a major socio - economic activity and force for showcasing culture and creative arts has the potential of becoming an engine of socio-cultural, economic and environmental development and growth through foreign exchange and tax revenue if well structured, organised and packaged.

It is believed that this can also drive substantial improvement in the well-being of indigenes in the form of job creation, income distribution and balanced regional development.

In Ghana Tourism is the fourth foreign exchange earner, glossing over $2.3billion in 2012. Tourism alone Employs over 300,000 in Ghana (this does not even include the creative arts industry).

Available statistics from the Northern Regional Office of the Ghana Tourism Authority indicate:

  • In 2013, 64 inspected and licensed units employed a total of 753 people made up of 444 males and 309 females in the region.
  • in the year 2014 – 81 units employed 819 people (m-459/f-360)
  • while in 2015 – 109 units employed 1072 people (m-629/f-443)

The catering subsector, restaurants also had these figures

2014 – 13 units employed 101 people (m-45/f- 56) and in 2015 – 21 units employed 254 people (m-88/f-116)

The informal sector made up of chop bars and drinking bars had in 2015 of 234 units inspected, employed 1,008 people with 111 males and 897 females

This once again according to the Authority does not include that of the Creative Arts industry, which has an even higher number of people involved.

This emphasizes the need for increased investments in tourism, culture & creative arts to reduce the high unemployment rate in the country.