The "early bird" Shanghai Huawei fly to sky of Ghana

On April 10th, 2017. The republic of Ghana SADA-China business relations advisor Mr. George Kwabena and agents in Ghana visited Shanghai Huawei headquarter in Shanghai. During this period, CEO of Shanghai Huawei Daniel Lv met with them.

In the process of the investigation, Huawei shows their farm, workshops, and technology. To promote Huawei efficient irrigation technology in Ghana, both sides make a in-depth exchange and discussion the related issues.

George Kwabena and agents deeply high praise about products research, the efficient water and fertilizer integration technology, intelligent agriculture cloud platform.

Mr. George expect and invite Huawei to take part in the aid programmes supplying technology and equipment support in Ghana which is major part of " ONE BELT ONE ROAD " strategy to China.

Mr.George is extremely interested in the technology of irrigation, control, intelligent production and management when he arrived Shanghai Huayu 2.9 ecological farm. This HUAWEI model with overall output for morden Facility Agriculture technology is surprising. It is the right one what Gahan expect. He praise Shanghai Huawei is the “early bird” in Chinese.

George Kwabena said most part of Ghana are Sub-saharan with seasonal-drought, so Ghana government paid a great attention on high-effective agricultural irrigation and guided the local places to build water ponds for agricultural irrigation. During the talk, Mr. George Kwabena warmly invited the CEO of Huawei Mr. Daniel Lv to visit Ghana, and hope to realize a complete cooperation with Huawei on irrigation training, technology promotion and application to boost the local agricultural development, which closely following China national strategy “ ONE BELT ONE ROAD ” to continuously develop the high-effective irrigation methods into the whole WEST AFRICA. Then Mr. George Kwabena and her Ghana representatives exchanged views on transplanting “ Huayu Farm planting” and “ 4S shop ” modes into Ghana, opening factory, project-cooperation and technology training etc aspects. At last, two parties expressed to further discuss the specifics of cooperation and sign “ MOU ” as soon as possible.