The Northern Development Authority (NDA) held fruitful discussions with the Savannah Zone Agricultural Productivity Improvement Programme (SAPIP) team. This was to facilitate discussions into reviving and deepening the partnership between the two teams to ensure the successful implementation of SAPIP for maximum benefit of the beneficiary communities and for the entire agricultural value chain across the Northern Savannah Ecological Zone (NSEZ) – an area heavily researched and documented by NDA, as captured in our comprehensive master plan for development in the area.

The NSEZ constitutes the poorest part of the country with a poverty rate of over 40% which is about double of the national average. Agriculture however has the potential to improve living conditions in the NSEZ.

SAPIP has the overall objective to transform the agricultural value chains for food and nutrition security, job and wealth creation within the Savannah zone. An estimated 250,000 Farmers will be supported nationwide through input the subsidy Programme of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA).

An improved relationship between the SAPIP team and NDA, as a key strategic partner in the development of the NSEZ, will greatly improve the engagement of stakeholders to make the project goal more attainable and sustainable.